Toronto, Canada – The need for fertility treatments is steadily increasing in North America and around the globe. Xytex, a US based sperm bank, and ReproMed, a Toronto based fertility clinic, have recently partnered in order to assist with creating healthy families in Canada.

For fertile couples, there is approximately a 20% chance of achieving a successful pregnancy in any six month period. For those who cannot have children through conventional methods, Xytex and ReproMed offer the opportunity to choose a fully screened, high quality sperm donor to help realize their dream of having a family.

With over 30 million motile sperm per milliliter, Xytex offers the highest quality guarantee of any sperm bank. Therefore, Canadian women who choose Xytex donor sperm via ReproMed are given a greater opportunity to become pregnant. This is one of the many reasons ReproMed has chosen to partner with Xytex. Also a factor was the extensive and diverse donor panel, the website with child/adult donor photos, the newly opened offices in the New York/New Jersey area, full Canadian and FDA compliance, and over 35 years of continued operations.

For more than 20 years, ReproMed has been successfully serving Canadian patients in the field of Reproductive Medicine and is a member of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Association (CFAS) and A.S.R.M. With over 35 years of fertility assistance experience and successful research, Xytex, also an A.S.R.M. member is the oldest existing sperm bank and offers Canadian Compliant donor sperm directly to ReproMed.

Dr. Del Valle of ReproMed stated “ReproMed is glad to be partnered with Xytex and have the ability to offer their quality samples to physicians in our distribution channel. Their extensive catalogue of donors offering Canadian compliant semen will give patients of ReproMed even more choices when it comes to building families.”

* Pasqualotto EB, Daitch JA, Hendin BN, et al (October 1999). “Relationship of total motile sperm count and percentage motile sperm to successful pregnancy rates following intrauterine insemination”. J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. 16 (9): 476–82. PMID 10530401.

About Xytex Cryo International:
Xytex Cryo International has been enhancing lives through cellular ingenuity since 1975. A worldwide leader in reproductive tissue storage and research, Xytex Cryo International has been featured in numerous medical publications as well as Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Xytex Cryo International is the parent company of Xytex Cryo Sperm Bank, Xytex Cryo Tissue Storage (XTS), Xytex Cryo Cord Blood Bank; and Xytex Cryo Research. For more information, please visit

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  1. Astrid says:

    There is only a 25% chance of a woman getntig pregnant if you have sex when she is ovulating. Getting pregnant is not always really easy. Also, to prove you are fertile or not just go to the doctor and get a sperm analysis done. That will tell you if you are ok. If the problem is with the girl, it an be harder to diagnose and can take longer to figure it out, but usually a doctor can help when the problem is with the girl. I am not sure about improving male fertility, but for a girl if she takes vitamins, does not eat high staurated fat foods, and eats lots of vegetables, that will help with her fertility.