Xytex is Now Accepting Donors in historic downtown New Brunswick, NJ. The new location, near the center of Rutgers University campus, will initially recruit semen donors between the ages of 18 to 38 who meet Xytex donor guidelines.

Since 1975, Xytex has been a leader in reproductive medicine including sperm banking, semen analysis and reproductive tissue storage. Erik Dos, V.P. of Marketing at Xytex, states that the sperm bank offers the highest number of motile sperm in the world which increases the probability of conception.

Internationally recognized for offering the highest quality sperm samples, Xytex is also well known for its ethnic donor diversity and Identity Disclosure donors. Identity Disclosure donors are in high demand and give those seeking donor insemination a certain peace of mind about the intentions of the donors.

Once accepted into the Xytex donor sperm program, donors are offered the option of being anonymous or identity disclosure. An identity disclosure donor offers the opportunity for offspring to receive information about the donor once the offspring reaches the age of 18. There are millions of people worldwide who want to have children, but cannot. Xytex provides a viable option for realizing their dreams of a family. Every year, approximately 75,000 American children are born as a result of donor gametes. The inseminations are performed by physicians when male factor infertility prevents a couple from conceiving with the husband’s sperm, or when women decide to have a child on their own.

Our New Jersey manager, Kevin Kessler, is an embryologist and andrologist with over 20 years of experience in the infertility field including expertise in ICSI and IVF, laser guided hatching and along with sperm he has also worked in the field of cryopreserving embryos. Adding to his vast knowledge of the field, Dr. Kessler is a member of ASRM, The NY Reproductive Society and the Embryologist Society of NY/NJ.

Xytex will be accepting donor applications and provide weekly testing by appointment. To learn more about Xytex and Xytex donor guidelines visit www.xytex.com or call 1-800-277-3210 to speak with a client relations specialist.


  1. Jeff Pilande says:

    Interested in becoming a donor.

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    Plz i would like to donate and i am very interested.

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    I am interested in becoming a donor and am located in New Brunswick, however there is no address on this website for an office I could visit. Could you please provide this?

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    Interested in becoming a donor, unsure of the process.

  5. Michael Vasko says:

    Interested in becoming a donor.

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