On October 20, 2015, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney dismissed all claims brought against Xytex Cryo International on March 31, 2015. The case was initiated by a Canadian couple which alleged misrepresentation of donor qualifications and credentials. Xytex remains committed to providing clients with excellent service and upholding the highest practices and standards in the industry.


Over the last 40 years, we have developed into an industry leader because of our steadfast commitment to our clients. We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of families throughout the world to achieve their dreams of having healthy children and building families.

You can imagine our concern when a lawsuit was filed last week that accused us of misleading a client. We want to assure you that this is simply not true. We have conducted a careful review of our records and the claims by the couple in question do not reflect the representations provided to Xytex.

We followed thorough procedures to review the health of the donor. As you may know, this vetting process eliminates 99% of the potential donors who apply to Xytex.  In this case, the donor underwent a standard medical exam and provided extensive personal and health information. He reported a good health history and stated in his application that he had no physical or medical impairments. This information was passed on to the couple, who were clearly informed the representations were reported by the donor and were not verified by Xytex.

In addition, the donor provided signed photos of himself that we passed on to the couple without alteration. He also provided us with copies of his undergraduate and graduate university degrees.

We stand by the process we followed, and intend to vigorously defend ourselves against the allegations in this lawsuit. In the meantime, we remain committed to providing clients with excellent service and upholding the highest practices and standards in the business.

Kevin M. O’Brien


Xytex Cryo International, an industry leader in reproductive services, is celebrating 40 years of unsurpassed commitment to quality and a commitment to providing our clients with an experience that provides empathy and guidance. At Xytex we understand that we could not have accomplished this success without our customers, donors, vendors, fertility professionals and employees.

Dr. Armand Karow, working with Roy Witherington M.D., established at the Medical College of Georgia, the first clinical sperm bank in the southeast. In 1975 the sperm bank was incorporated as Xytex Corporation Inc., which evolved under Dr. Karow’s direction to become Xytex Cryo International Ltd., a global leader in assisted reproduction that includes a sperm bank, egg donor program, long-term medical tissue storage and cord blood banking. Although Dr. Karow passed away in 2007, he would be pleased that Xytex is now 100% employee owned.

At Xytex, our most valuable assets are our employee owners. Knowing they have ownership in the company provides Xytex employees with a sense of pride in all aspects of the work they do, enabling them to provide unsurpassed customer service to our clients since our employee owners are motivated to provide excellent customer service and a commitment to producing a quality product.

Dr. Michael Tucker, our Chief Executive Officer noted, “While there has been so much change that has occurred during the past four decades, the excellence of our service has remained the same. Xytex Cryo International, one of the earliest established cryo-banks in the world, continues to provide quality and value across a range of services, and, additionally, is an amazing fully employee-owned company to work for!”

Kevin M. O’Brien, our company President noted, “The business of Xytex is people – people eager to share their specialized knowledge in an empathetic manner with patients who are making life-altering decisions regarding reproductive options, tissue preservation and cord blood management.”

Xytex’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Jan Schöler said, “Xytex Cryo International is one of those amazing companies that has grown and flourished due to the hard work and dedication of its employees. The quality of the work, customer service and leadership are, bar none, the best I’ve experienced in over 30 years of work in the medical reproductive field. After only a relative short tenure with the company, I look forward to many more productive years.”

Thank you to our customers and donors, both past and present, for giving us the opportunity to provide you with the best service possible. To those with whom we have not yet had the pleasure of working with, thank you for taking the time to read our story. We hope that one day we can help you with your reproductive health.

We would like to give back to everyone that helped us make it to this great milestone. Every month this year we are going to give a lucky person a chance to win a gift. Please visit our Facebook page for more details. Again, thank you to everyone that helped us hit our 40th!

Xytex is excited to introduce xyConnects.  Since Xytex is the common denominator between the donor, the child and the parent or parents of that child – Xytex is in the ideal position to facilitate these connections in a secure, controlled environment. This first of its kind site makes it possible for donors who provided semen to Xytex to connect and communicate with the recipients and offspring (13 years and older with signed consent from their legal guardian).  Xytex believes assisting in these connections is the right thing to do when all parties want to pursue it.

xyConnects is an online platform that allows parents, donors and offspring to have the ability to register and potentially communicate in a social media setting. Xytex confirms the identity of the donor, the recipient of the donor’s sperm and the recorded birth. This ensures all parties are represented accurately.  xyConnects is a completely voluntary service.  Recipients, Donors and Offspring can choose to register or choose to decline any actions completely. Both parties must agree to a connection and communication before any correspondence takes place. At no time prior to or after connecting on xyConnects is anyone’s private information such as name or e-mail address released by Xytex.  All moderation is achieved via the xyConnects system assuring complete confidentiality.

In order to be a part of the xyConnects community, please go to www.xytex.com/xyconnects create your profile, add pictures and view your potential connections.

Xytex Cryo International has signed up for a new monitoring system to protect irreplaceable cryopreserved gametes and umbilical Cord Blood in its Georgia storage facilities. Xytex, a 36 year old worldwide industry leader, has a commitment to unsurpassed quality controls and protecting irreplaceable reproductive tissues. One way to fulfill this commitment is to continuously monitor all products and reagents being stored to ensure that the required temperatures are maintained and that deviations are identified immediately, reported and corrected. Xytex examined and trial tested alternative services before settling on the Tutela system from Next Control Services.

“After a thorough evaluation we chose a Tutela 24-hour wire-less monitoring system because we just found it to be the best fit for our situation; there was a better feel to its operation. We contacted users of all the systems we tested inquiring about the benefits of each system, and Tutela, received the best ratings. Having used a manual system of checking levels and temperatures for many years, we were skeptical of taking the leap to wire-less monitoring, but, as one reference indicated, at some point you have to be confident in the technology because 24/7 monitoring is far superior to manual checking. We even included our oxygen monitor on the system.” – Anita Wylds, Xytex Special Projects Coordinator

“The monitoring service is provided by Next Controls’ fully manned 24 hour international alarm bureau through which the Tutela system automatically generates records sufficiently detailed to meet all legal requirements. Next Controls has fitted 55 sensors on liquid nitrogen units, 5 sensors on refrigerator/freezer units and 2 sensors on oxygen monitors.” – Christopher Karow, Communications

Xytex Cryo International has recently improved tank temperature monitoring and building security systems for all locations. Xytex has always provided customers with safety systems that insure all around security measures.

Xytex recently tested and installed a new $30k tank and dewar temperature control and regulation system as well as reinforcing our high security system. Xytex has always maintained a 24-hour security system with multiple alert controls. New advances in technology have allowed Xytex to control access to all of our locations with a fully integrated entry system which records the movement of every individual entering or exiting our facilities. This new system further exceeds ISO requirements and regulatory expectations.

Xytex has also installed a fully validated and regulatory compliant web-based wireless temperature monitoring and recording system to monitor all refrigeration and liquid nitrogen storage units. The system monitors both high and low temperatures using NIST traceable monitoring sensors. The system allows 24/7 web access to monitor all devices. If any device indicates operating outside set temperature parameters, the system goes into an alarm mode and is automatically reported to a manned bureau. The bureau contacts Xytex personnel who are able to quickly react to the nature of the alarm.
– Xytex Security Resource and Development Group

As of July 29, 2010, Xytex Cord Blood Bank has officially been awarded a New York State Cord Blood provisional license by the New York Department of Health. With this license Xytex will be able to accept cord blood banking requests or orders from New York State residents and is also a recognition of the high degree of performance by Xytex Cord Blood Bank operations. Xytex Cord Blood Bank will immediately begin distributing cord blood collection kits to moms-to-be and is ready to begin taking new cord blood collection requests and orders from moms-to-be, clinics and other health care professionals in the state of New York.

Xytex is Now Accepting Donors in historic downtown New Brunswick, NJ. The new location, near the center of Rutgers University campus, will initially recruit semen donors between the ages of 18 to 38 who meet Xytex donor guidelines.

Since 1975, Xytex has been a leader in reproductive medicine including sperm banking, semen analysis and reproductive tissue storage. Erik Dos, V.P. of Marketing at Xytex, states that the sperm bank offers the highest number of motile sperm in the world which increases the probability of conception.

Internationally recognized for offering the highest quality sperm samples, Xytex is also well known for its ethnic donor diversity and Identity Disclosure donors. Identity Disclosure donors are in high demand and give those seeking donor insemination a certain peace of mind about the intentions of the donors.

Once accepted into the Xytex donor sperm program, donors are offered the option of being anonymous or identity disclosure. An identity disclosure donor offers the opportunity for offspring to receive information about the donor once the offspring reaches the age of 18. There are millions of people worldwide who want to have children, but cannot. Xytex provides a viable option for realizing their dreams of a family. Every year, approximately 75,000 American children are born as a result of donor gametes. The inseminations are performed by physicians when male factor infertility prevents a couple from conceiving with the husband’s sperm, or when women decide to have a child on their own.

Our New Jersey manager, Kevin Kessler, is an embryologist and andrologist with over 20 years of experience in the infertility field including expertise in ICSI and IVF, laser guided hatching and along with sperm he has also worked in the field of cryopreserving embryos. Adding to his vast knowledge of the field, Dr. Kessler is a member of ASRM, The NY Reproductive Society and the Embryologist Society of NY/NJ.

Xytex will be accepting donor applications and provide weekly testing by appointment. To learn more about Xytex and Xytex donor guidelines visit www.xytex.com or call 1-800-277-3210 to speak with a client relations specialist.

Toronto, Canada – The need for fertility treatments is steadily increasing in North America and around the globe. Xytex, a US based sperm bank, and ReproMed, a Toronto based fertility clinic, have recently partnered in order to assist with creating healthy families in Canada.

For fertile couples, there is approximately a 20% chance of achieving a successful pregnancy in any six month period. For those who cannot have children through conventional methods, Xytex and ReproMed offer the opportunity to choose a fully screened, high quality sperm donor to help realize their dream of having a family.

With over 30 million motile sperm per milliliter, Xytex offers the highest quality guarantee of any sperm bank. Therefore, Canadian women who choose Xytex donor sperm via ReproMed are given a greater opportunity to become pregnant. This is one of the many reasons ReproMed has chosen to partner with Xytex. Also a factor was the extensive and diverse donor panel, the website with child/adult donor photos, the newly opened offices in the New York/New Jersey area, full Canadian and FDA compliance, and over 35 years of continued operations.

For more than 20 years, ReproMed has been successfully serving Canadian patients in the field of Reproductive Medicine and is a member of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Association (CFAS) and A.S.R.M. With over 35 years of fertility assistance experience and successful research, Xytex, also an A.S.R.M. member is the oldest existing sperm bank and offers Canadian Compliant donor sperm directly to ReproMed.

Dr. Del Valle of ReproMed stated “ReproMed is glad to be partnered with Xytex and have the ability to offer their quality samples to physicians in our distribution channel. Their extensive catalogue of donors offering Canadian compliant semen will give patients of ReproMed even more choices when it comes to building families.”

* Pasqualotto EB, Daitch JA, Hendin BN, et al (October 1999). “Relationship of total motile sperm count and percentage motile sperm to successful pregnancy rates following intrauterine insemination”. J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. 16 (9): 476–82. PMID 10530401.

About Xytex Cryo International:
Xytex Cryo International has been enhancing lives through cellular ingenuity since 1975. A worldwide leader in reproductive tissue storage and research, Xytex Cryo International has been featured in numerous medical publications as well as Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Xytex Cryo International is the parent company of Xytex Cryo Sperm Bank, Xytex Cryo Tissue Storage (XTS), Xytex Cryo Cord Blood Bank; and Xytex Cryo Research. For more information, please visit www.xytexinternational.com.

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